Baywise is an educational technology venture aimed at equipping students with the 21st century professional skills which prepares them to face challenges and problems head on and solve them by devising innovative solutions to them. The organization aims to conduct webinars, workshops and boot-camps for teaching these skills to high school students. The webinars will be delivered by industry professionals who are veterans in their own field. High school students from different schools across India, who share a common interest and urge to get a hands on experience on these skills, can learn from industry professional and enhance their knowledge and understanding of the corporate world. The venture firmly intends to channelize the young energy into productive tasks by converting ideas into ventures or simply by solving problems around them and laying down the path for future innovations in processes and products that can be scaled to a marketable level. We aim to create a community of problem solving enthusiasts with a knack for creativity.


With our mentor board and non-executive board of highly experienced and qualified professionals from diverse backgrounds and fields, we believe that with us, students would have the right answer to "What do you want do when you grow up?".We aim to give structure to their thoughts and mould their aspirations to what suits them the best, capitalising on their strengths while devising a way to overcome their weaknesses.With a continuous and a sustained mentorship, students would be provided with a platform to Explore, Excel and Exceed. We foresee a change in the Education System driven by Design Thinking, lead by Baywise and continued by the participants .



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We are a multicultural group of designers, strategists, researchers, thinkers and makers. The Heads of Departments would be central to the working of and training in different departments.

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Chief Mentors involve individuals from top B-Schools as well and those thoroughly accomplished in their respective fields, who'll share their practical and theoretical knowledge.

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Industry Professionals representing various domains would be a part of the network, responsible for guest lectures on diverse topics - Imparting expert guidance and Insight.

These logos are intended purely to represent the background of the team at Baywise and do not imply any formal/official collaboration with any of the organisations/institutions listed above.